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Antistatic International Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance is a space where different ideas on contemporaneity come across with its artistic practices. The eighth edition continues to introduce new languages and codes of communication. And asks: “Do you speak dance”? But also: “What does dance “speak” about”?


This year the focus of the festival programme is how dance does a dissection of the present through mirroring itself in the past and imagining its future. What does a rediscovery of the beginnings of contemporary dance speak about the memory of the body and the change of its (re)presentation and perception? (“A Mary Wigman Dance Evening”) What do social dynamics within an artistic context speak about the social field and how they can call into question the notions of what is art?  (“InsTanzen”) How does the question “How dance would look like in the future” actually speak about the reality nowadays? (“Sequel for the Future”) How does the biography of an artist provoke the choreographic positions and projections of other artists and what do they “say” about each other? (Versuchsperson Silke Grabinger) How does the manipulation of speed and of the perceptions of the movement  ”speak” about what is the present moment? (How is now?)


Antistatic shows also some of the most distinctive signatures in contemporary Bulgarian dance and performance – by Miroslav Yordanov, Zhivko Zheliazkov and Ivo Dimchev who doesn’t seize to provoke, this time with the premiere of “FB Theater”.


In partnership with New Dramaturgies the festival gives also floor “to speak” about dance in the frame of Without Distance educational platform.


Antistaic 2015 supports Advocates of Dance: International Advocacy Meeting for Contemporary Dance. We invite all of you to advocate for the sustainable development of contemporary arts. Only thus we will create together their present and future! 



Iva Sveshtarova, Angelina Georgieva, Willy Prager, Stephan A. Shtereff


13-15 May



Festival program
Without distance
Advocates of dance

The complete story of the Antistatic festival since 2008 (coming soon)

The program of the events, performances and lectures of the festival.

The educational program of the festival is aimed to wider audience

International advocacy meeting for contemporary dance


International festival for contemporary dance and performance



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